How to Change the PDK Transmission Oil & Filter on a Porsche Macan (95B)

Maintenance Interval 4 Years or 40,000 Miles (60,000 Kilometers)
Estimated Dealer Cost $800
Estimated Independent Mechanic Cost $600
Estimated DIY Cost $200
Repair Time 2 hours
DIY Difficulty Medium

Changing the oil and filter in your PDK transmission is important to keep your drivetrain smooth. Over time, the oil loses its critical properties, so regular replacement of the oil is essential. Additionally, the PDK filter will start to loose its ability to filter the oil and the filter element could even start to break apart.

While this is a simple procedure, you do have to be careful to ensure you fill the PDK oil to the correct level. To do this, you will need a diagnostic tool like the Foxwell or a digital temperature gauge (both are shown in the parts section below). For an overview of the procedure, check out the procedure from the YouTube channel, porscot. Even if you don’t feel comfortable performing this service yourself, you can still save a bunch of money by purchasing the parts required online and paying an independent mechanic for just the labor.

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Torque Specs & Fluid Capacities:

PDK Oil Capacity: 6.5 liters
Oil Drain & Fill Plugs: 33 ft-lbs
Oil Filter Cap: 8 ft-lbs

Step-by-Step Instructions:

Step 1: Prepare your vehicle and work area

  • Starting with a cold engine, drive your car lightly for 5 minutes to get the drivetrain fluid warmed up; this will make it easier to drain the oil.
  • Park your car on a flat surface.
  • Gather required tools and parts.
  • Put on gloves and eye protection.

Step 2: Raise your vehicle to give yourself extra clearance

  • If you have air suspension, simply raise your car to the highest ride height.
  • If not, raise your vehicle with a lift or jack stands; it is very important your car is level during the procedure.
  • If using a jack and jack stands, be sure to engage parking brake and use wheel chocks to prevent your car from rolling. Give your vehicle a strong shove once it is on jack stands to make sure your vehicle is properly secured.
  • NEVER rely on a jack to support your vehicle.
  • Note: If you have air suspension and decided to jack up the car, you will need to lock the air suspension by starting the car and holding low suspension setting button for 10 seconds. You will see an indicator pop up on your gauge cluster.

Step 3: Remove the underbody trays

  • As shown in this video from Wilnomadic, remove the front plastic under body panel, which is held on with 16 T25 torx screws and two plastic push pins.
  • Use a plastic pry tool to remove the plastic push pins on the rear side of the underbody panel.

Step 4: Remove the transmission oil fill plug

  • Locate the PDK transmission oil fill plug, which is located on the left-hand side of the transmission just above the PDK oil filter.
  • Use a ratchet, appropriate length extension, and a 10mm hex bit to break loose and remove the fill plug.
  • If you cannot remove the fill plug, STOP AND DO NOT PROCEED; you will not be able to fill your rear final drive with oil.
Remove the transmission oil fill plug

Step 5: Replace the PDK transmission oil filter

  • On the left-hand side of the PDK transmission, locate the black PDK oil filter cap as shown in the video.
  • Position an oil drain pan underneath the oil filter cap.
  • Use a 17mm socket and ratchet to remove the oil filter cap.
  • Remove the old oil filter.
  • Use a small flat head screwdriver to carefully pry out the rubber seal on the oil filter cap; be careful not to scratch the oil filter cap.
  • Replace the rubber seal with a new one.
  • Install the new oil filter and torque the oil filter cap to 8 ft-lbs or just hand tighten.

Step 6: Drain the PDK transmission oil

  • Locate the oil drain plug toward the front of the transmission; the drain plug screws into a black pan.
  • Use a 10mm socket, ratchet, and suitable length extension to remove break the drain plug loose; however, do not remove the drain plug yet.
  • Position an oil drain pan below the drain plug.
  • Remove the drain plug and allow the oil to drain for 15 minutes.
  • Reinstall the drain plug along with a new crush washer and torque the drain plug to 33 ft-lbs using a torque wrench.

Step 7: Fill the transmission with an initial amount of fresh oil

  • Place the oil drain pan underneath the transmission fill port.
  • Attach the fluid pump to your container of transmission oil and pump fluid into the transmission fill port as shown in this video from BleeinJeep.
  • While the PDK oil change capacity spec is 6.5 liters, you will initially only be able to add around 4 liters of oil.
  • Once oil begins to drip out of the fill port, have a friend start the vehicle while keeping it in Park.

Step 8: Add additional oil and ensure you reach the correct level.

  • With the engine on and brakes engaged, have your friend cycle the transmission from DRIVE and REVERSE while pausing at each gear for 5 seconds; this will allow you to add more oil to the transmission.
  • Before the transmission oil reaches 104°F (40°C), quickly pumping more oil into the transmission until it begins to overflow.
  • We recommend you use a diagnostic tool like the Foxwell NT510 Elite to digital monitor the transmission oil temperature. However, although less accurate, you can use a pyrometer to measure the temperature of the transmission oil pan instead.
  • Once the transmission oil pan reaches 104°F (40°C), turn off your car and allow the ATF to overflow until it is barely dribbling out. When this happens, you have reached the correct level.
  • Reinstall the fill plug and torque it to 33 ft-lbs.
  • Note: If the transmission oil pan exceeds the target temperature, install the fill plug, turn off the engine, and allow the transmission oil to cool back down. Additionally, your vehicle must be level to correctly measure the oil level.

Step 9: Reinstall everything and lower your vehicle.

  • Reinstall everything in reverse.
  • Just hand tighten the underbody panel fasteners.
  • Lower your vehicle.
  • Save your old transmission oil in a contain, so you can drop it at your local auto parts store to recycle.
  • Clean up your work area and put away your tools.

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