How to replace engine air filter on a Porsche Cayman (2006-2012)

Maintenance Interval 4 Years or 40,000 Miles (60,000 Kilometers)
Estimated Dealer Cost $250
Estimated Independent Mechanic Cost $150
Estimated DIY Cost $40
Repair Time .75 hours
DIY Difficulty Easy

The engine air filter plays a vital role in protecting your engine as it stops various debris particles from entering and causing damage. As debris adds up with every mile traveled, the air filter will reach its maximum dirt absorption capacity at some point. When this happens, the air flow resistance rises and affects the engine’s performance. So, it is important to replace the air filter at your vehicle’s specified maintenance interval. However, you may need to change your air filter sooner depending on your driving conditions.

This is a very easy DIY that even a beginner can do. It will also save you a lot of money versus going to a dealership. For an overview of how to perform this DIY procedure, check out the tutorial above from the YouTube channel, Cars+Raf. More detailed instructions can be found below.

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Step-by-Step Instructions:

Step 1: Prepare your vehicle and work area.

  • Ensure your engine isn’t hot, so you don’t burn yourself.
  • Park your car on a level surface.
  • Put on eye protection and gloves.
  • Open the rear hatch of the vehicle.

Step 2: Gain access to the engine.

  • Remove carpeted panel behind the seats.
  • Do this by using a pry tool to pry up the edge closest to the front of the car.
  • Then lift and pull the carpeted panel out.
  • You should now see a metal engine cover.
  • Remove the metal engine cover, which is held on by 5 T30 Torx screws.​

Step 3: Replace the engine air filter.

  • Finally, you have access to your engine.
  • Locate the engine air filter housing, which is located on the driver’s side.
  • Using a Philips tip screwdriver, remove the two screws to open the air filter housing.
  • Remove the final Philips screw holding the air intake to the housing.
  • Remove the old air filter
  • If possible, vacuum the air intake housing to prevent debris from getting into the engine.
  • Install the new air filter and the air filter housing lid.

Step 4: Re-install everything.

  • Re-install the metal engine cover and hand tighten the screws.
  • Reinsert the carpeted panel.
  • Clean up your work area and put your tools away.
  • You’re all done.

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