How To Replace Engine Air Filters on a Porsche Boxster (2013-2016)

Maintenance Interval 4 Years or 40,000 Miles (60,000 Kilometers)
Estimated Dealer Cost $300
Estimated Independent Mechanic Cost $200
Estimated DIY Cost $90
Repair Time 1 hour
DIY Difficulty Easy

The engine air filter plays a vital role in protecting your engine as it stops various debris particles from entering and causing damage. As debris adds up with every mile traveled, the air filter will reach its maximum dirt absorption capacity at some point. When this happens, the air flow resistance rises and affects the engine’s performance. So, it is important to replace the air filter at your vehicle’s specified maintenance interval. However, you may need to change your air filter sooner depending on your driving conditions.

While changing the engine air filters on your Porsche Boxster requires you to remove several trims, it’s still very easy and a great way to save money doing it yourself. To get an overview of the procedure, check out this video from the YouTube channel, DPKMechanics. Detailed step-by-step instructions, along with the parts and tools you’ll need, can be found below.

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Step-by-Step Instructions:

Step 1: Remove carpeted trunk liner.

  • Open the trunk.
  • Pull the plastic trims surrounding the oil and coolant filler necks upward and remove them.
  • Pry off the trunk light and disconnect it from its harness.
  • Grab and pull the trunk lining on the front side and work your way around the perimeter. 
  • Once you reach the emergency trunk release handle, disconnect the cable on the back.
  • Maneuver the trunk liner out of the car.

Step 2: Remove the DME module and oil filler tube.

  • Locate and remove four 10mm bolts that hold the DME module in place.
  • Move the DME module to the side as much as possible, but don’t disconnect it.
  • Disconnect the oil filler tube from the neck. Locate the oil tube connector, squeeze on both sides, and pull it down.
  • To prevent oil from dripping, block off the oil filler neck with a paper towel.
  • Move the oil tube out of the way.

Step 3: Replace the engine air filters.

  • Locate and remove the T25 torx screws that holds the air filter housings in place.
  • On each air filter housing, grab both handles, squeeze them towards each other, and pull the air filter housing out.
  • Remove and replace each air filter, which is held on by two Phillips screws.
  • Re-install the air filter housings.

Step 4: Reinstall everything.

  • Reinstall the oil filler tube and DME module.
  • Maneuver the trunk liner back into the car and reconnect the the emergency trunk release cable.
  • Work your way around the trunk liner edges to make sure it sits correctly under all the weather stripping. 
  • Reconnect and reinstall the trunk light.
  • Refit the trims pieces.
  • Clean up your work area and you’re all done!

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